01. Welcome… to Forest Haven Mental Health Center


In this episode, we go inside the notorious Forest Haven Mental Health Center with host Thomas Kenning. Closed by court order in 1991 – after numerous documented cases of negligence – this shuttered facility in the woods of Maryland, just outside of Washington, DC is a popular spot for urbex enthusiasts. Kenning reflects on a close call while exploring with some friends – and the deeper human themes that often get left out of the more sensational YouTube videos filmed at this tragic location…

You can find a version of this story in Kenning’s 2018 book Abandoned Washington, DC.

The Trouble They’ve Seen: The Forest Haven Story by Noor Tagouri is a must-see film for anyone wanting to know more about the human toll exacted at this facility.

See more of Kenning’s Forest Haven photos at DCinruins.wordpress.com.

Follow the show at decaypodcast.wordpress.com or Instagram.

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