Abandoned Florida: Sunshine Sentinels Preview

Discover the past and present of conquest and defense in the Sunshine State, documented in 140 images of gritty ruin and glorious restoration – ranging from the coquina confines of Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine to the towering casemates of far-flung Fort Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas; from the shattered hulk of Fort Pickens in Pensacola to the cracked concrete batteries of Fort Dade in Tampa Bay; from the carefree garden spot of West Martello Tower in Key West to the paranoiac isolation of nuclear-powered HM-69 Nike Missile Base deep in the Everglades.

05. Exploring Belchertown State School with Katherine Anderson

Katherine Anderson is the award-winning author of two historic mysteries, Hospital Hill and Shadows in the Ward. She was born in 1980 in Western Massachusetts and is a special education teacher. For many years Kate has worked to painstakingly research and document the insane asylums and state schools in New England, publishing nonfiction works and…

04. Writing Successful Urbex with Jay Farrell

Jay Farrell is a prolific urbex photographer and author. In this exclusive interview, he talks about his recipe for the successful documentation of abandoned places. Jay Farrell’s latest book is Abandoned Memphis. You can find more of her photos online at https://www.jayfarrellauthor.com/. Follow the show at decaypodcast.wordpress.com or Instagram.

02. The Most Toxic Town in America with Regina Daniel

Picher, Oklahoma, for those you who don’t know, is one of the world’s most notorious ghost towns. It’s a name uttered in the same breath as Centralia, Pennsylvania or Pripyat, Ukraine.  It is a mining town, carved out by its principle industry – a superfund cleanup site with a population approaching zero, as of 2020….

01. Welcome… to Forest Haven Mental Health Center

In this episode, we go inside the notorious Forest Haven Mental Health Center with host Thomas Kenning. Closed by court order in 1991 – after numerous documented cases of negligence – this shuttered facility in the woods of Maryland, just outside of Washington, DC is a popular spot for urbex enthusiasts. Kenning reflects on a close call while exploring with some friends – and the deeper human themes that often get left out of the more sensational YouTube videos filmed at this tragic location…