The Unlikely Parks of Tampa Bay: A Scenic History – A rousing look at the roundabout backstories behind ten of the region’s most beloved natural spaces—wild Florida is very much alive in Tampa Bay.

Florida’s Mangroves: A Slightly Salty History – A lively primer on the way that human activity in Florida has shaped—and, in turn, has been shaped by—the state’s great, hopefully not late, mangrove forests.

Nature’s Own Attraction: A History of Florida’s Roadside Springs – A loving photo essay on the past, present, and future of Florida’s big four roadside springs: Silver, Weeki Wachee, Homosassa, and Rainbow.

Abandoned Coastal Defenses of Alabama – A down-and-dirty urbex-informed walkthrough of two critically endangered historic sites. 

Abandoned Florida: Sunshine Sentinels – An eyewitness document of seven historic coastal defenses from the shores of the Sunshine State – history with an urban exploration look.

Abandoned Washington, DC – A collection of historical essays paired with grimy urbex photography.

Forthcoming work:

Derelict Boats of the Sunshine State