Unlikely Parks of Tampa Bay

The Unlikely Parks of Tampa Bay: A Scenic History – Consider these improbable vistas found along the shores of Tampa Bay—an abandoned island fortress stands guard over a federally-designated bird sanctuary. The remains of a ruined cross-bay bridge are repurposed into one of the best fishing spots in the bay. A failed movie studio serves as the backlot to a thriving intertidal mangrove forest. An active power plant provides the region’s most reliable refuge for vulnerable manatees.

From Philippe Park to Fort DeSoto, from Boyd Hill to Weedon Island, from the Skyway Fishing Pier to Big Bend Manatee Viewing Center—The Unlikely Parks of Tampa Bay: A Scenic History offers a rousing look at the roundabout backstories behind ten of the region’s most beloved natural spaces. Featuring more than 130 stunning photos, it is also a reminder—in case you needed it—that wild Florida is very much alive in Tampa Bay.

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