Out Now: Abandoned Coastal Defenses of Alabama

It’s here! The release of my latest photo book – Abandoned Coastal Defenses of Alabama – is upon us. It moves up the coastline, picking up where Abandoned Florida: Sunshine Sentinels left off. But it’s not just more of the same. I’m really proud of this one, as it tells a complete narrative of two sister forts, Morgan and Gaines, guarding the entrance of Mobile Bay. There’s a detailed description of a heated Civil War battle, complete with first person accounts from the participants. This book also has some of the best photos I’ve ever taken – it’s a real step forward to me.

If you haven’t ordered your signed and personalized copy yet, please do at the link below. Your support on my continued journey as an author, photographer, and historian means the world to me. I’m happy to do local deliveries on these books, too – in which case, you can pay cash and avoid any tax and shipping fees. Plus, you get the added bonus of a personal visit from the author! Let me know about that with a direct message.

Here’s a preview of some of my favorite images from the book.
You can also read an excerpt from the book.

Buy Abandoned Coastal Defenses of Alabama:

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