Preview: The Unlikely Parks of Tampa Bay – A Scenic History

The following is an exclusive preview of The Unlikely Parks of Tampa Bay: A Scenic History by Thomas Kenning, out now from Arcadia Press. “…the original Florida is going fast.”-Dick Bothwell, St. Petersburg Times, October 12, 1958. At first there were a few people, and it wasn’t a big deal. If for no other reason…

Preview: Florida’s Mangrove’s – A Slightly Salty History

What follows is an exclusive excerpt from Florida’s Mangroves: A Slightly Salty History by Thomas Kenning, out now from Arcadia Press.    On a map or from high above, the Florida peninsula is little more than an unlikely spit of sand perched precariously between ocean and gulf. When the sea level rises just a few…

Preview: Nature’s Own Attraction: A History of Florida’s Roadside Springs

Below is an exclusive peak inside Nature’s Own Attraction: A History of Florida’s Roadside Springs! The decades after World War II were a golden age for roadside attractions in the Sunshine State. The advent of the family automobile put Florida’s exotic flora and fauna within easy reach for millions of curious Americans. Entrepreneurs were happy…

Audio Documentary – The Island Ruins of Fort Dade, Egmont Key in Tampa Bay

Listen to this brand new audio documentary by author and urban explorer Thomas Kenning. Fort Dade was an Endicott Period fortification which guarded the entry to Tampa Bay. Accessible only by boat, it has been abandoned for nearly a century. What’s left of Fort Dade today lies in ruins along the northwest shore of Egmont Key, crumbling in the debilitating heat and humidity of the Gulf Coast.

Abandoned Florida: Sunshine Sentinels Preview

Discover the past and present of conquest and defense in the Sunshine State, documented in 140 images of gritty ruin and glorious restoration – ranging from the coquina confines of Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine to the towering casemates of far-flung Fort Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas; from the shattered hulk of Fort Pickens in Pensacola to the cracked concrete batteries of Fort Dade in Tampa Bay; from the carefree garden spot of West Martello Tower in Key West to the paranoiac isolation of nuclear-powered HM-69 Nike Missile Base deep in the Everglades.

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Sunshine looks pretty good under the tree – Abandoned Florida: Sunshine Sentinels makes a great Christmas gift. Ships anywhere, plus expedited personal delivery in the Tampa Bay Area at no extra charge.

03. Urban Exploration in the Wake of a Hurricane with Kim Hill

So often when we’re talking urbex, when we’re not creeping with caution down some stretch of storm drain or other municipal infrastructure, we’re talking about the long gone, the abandoned, the glory days that have faded, the slow decay – it’s right there in the show’s title. But what about when the ruins are fresh? …